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 Hyppo...'s dedication to Parthenos
Carrier: Altar      Material: Marmoreal limestone

Right and back sides of the stone are missing. Oval hole in the top plane, used to fasten statue according to the publisher. However, if one takes into account the length of the hole, one has to agree with Ella Solomonik that the monument was rather altar than statue base. the first line of the inscription is cutt off almost entirely.

Delios son of Apollas' dedication to Parthenos 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Sandstone

The slab is preserved enterily. Two circular holes cut into its lower side.

Dedication of altar
Carrier: Altar      Material: Marble

Top fragment of altar survived. Eagle with wreath in beak above profiled cornice. Holes in top plane. Two-line Greek inscription partly preserved on the cornice. The monument suffered of fire.

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