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Gravestone of Sabinus put up by his father 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Right side of the slab with traces of relief image of a child (with bird in one hand and fruit in the other) survived. Inscription below relief.

Gravestone of Marcus Maecilius 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Limestone

The slab remains intact. Designed as aedicula with pilasters and pediment decorated with acroters. Male figure depicted in relief within within a niche.

Gravestone of Aurelius Victor 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Limestone

The slab remains intact. In its top fragment, there is marble tablet with relief image of man's bust and six-line inscription.

Latin gravestone 

Dedication by T. Aurelius Secudus 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

The slab is broken into four fragments. Top right fragment is missing.

Dedication to Nemesis by T. Flavius Celsinus  
Carrier: Altar      Material: Limestone

The altar remains intact. The inscription is located in the cornice and middle part of the monument.

Dedication of a statue of Hercules 
Carrier: Pedestal      Material: Marmoreal limestone

Rectangular statue base with cornice and socle projecting from the front side. Eight-line inscription carved into the face side of the pedestal.

Building inscription with dedication to Jupiter Dolichenus 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Inkerman limestone

Left half of the slab remains. Its face side is treated carefully, back side generally. Epigraphic field encircled by profiled frame.

Dedication of an altar to Volcanus 
Carrier: Altar      Material: Sandstone

Rectangular altar with socle and cornice projecting along its face and sides. On the top plane, there is circular hole for sacrifices. Five-line inscription carved according to preliminary layout.

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