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Gravestone of Marcus Maecilius 

Carrier: Stele

Material: Limestone

Object description: The slab remains intact. Designed as aedicula with pilasters and pediment decorated with acroters. Male figure depicted in relief within within a niche.
Finding site: Tauric Chersonesos

Finding conditions: Discovered in 1908, in the soil above the necropolis near Karantinnaya bay. Excavated by Nikolay Repnikov (NPTC archive, file 59, page 19). 

Keeping place: NPTC

Inventory number: 3692

Sizes (cm): 86/23/16

Letter height (cm): 1.5-2.5

Chronology: Second century AD

Translation: Marcus Maecilius, soldier of the First Cohort from Bracara Augusta. Served for 10 years. Centuria Bicani. His heir put up.

Matirial author: Igor' Makarov

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