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Decree honouring Syriskos son of Herakleides
Carrier: Stele      Material: Marble

Three connectable fragments of a stele decorated with pediment and acroters. Laurel wreath within a wreath. Back side is smoothed. Broken ont he left and below. Symbols of the inscriptions are considerably worn on the left.

Decree honouring Menophilos son of Menophilos, of Sinope  
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

The slab is decorated with low cornice and acroters (missing). Broken below and partly on the left. Back side is treated generally, side edges are smoothed.

Honourific decree that mentions the sanctuary of Asklepios 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Fragment of a slab cut on the left and below, with top and right side missing.

Proxeny to G. Kaios Eutychianos, of Sinope  
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Two fragments of the slab survived. The third fragment was discovered in 1821 in Volga region and disappeared in 1823; it is known from a drawing by Pyotr Keppen.

Proxeny by the Olbians to Dionysios, of Istros 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Lower fragment of the slab was sawn off in the secondary use, cornice was hewn off, and top was rounded. Face side is polished, there is hole alone edges in the back side. First five lines of the inscription are damaged by deep slanting notches. 

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