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 Gravestone that mentions Petros and Christophoros
Carrier: Slab      Material: Limestone

Slab with semicircular head; broken below.

Decree honouring Syriskos son of Herakleides
Carrier: Stele      Material: Marble

Three connectable fragments of a stele decorated with pediment and acroters. Laurel wreath within a wreath. Back side is smoothed. Broken ont he left and below. Symbols of the inscriptions are considerably worn on the left.

Decree honouring Menophilos son of Menophilos, of Sinope  
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

The slab is decorated with low cornice and acroters (missing). Broken below and partly on the left. Back side is treated generally, side edges are smoothed.

Honourific decree that mentions the sanctuary of Asklepios 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Fragment of a slab cut on the left and below, with top and right side missing.

Proxeny to G. Kaios Eutychianos, of Sinope  
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Two fragments of the slab survived. The third fragment was discovered in 1821 in Volga region and disappeared in 1823; it is known from a drawing by Pyotr Keppen.

Proxeny by the Olbians to Dionysios, of Istros 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Lower fragment of the slab was sawn off in the secondary use, cornice was hewn off, and top was rounded. Face side is polished, there is hole alone edges in the back side. First five lines of the inscription are damaged by deep slanting notches. 

Epitaph of Kalliades son of Artemidoros 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Marble

Lower fragment and top left corner are missing. Plane is carefully smoothed. Decorated with cornice and two relief rosettes. There is 6-cm-long hole in the top plane probably to fasten pediment with acroters.

Epitaph of Apollonios son of Polyarchos 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Limestone

Epitaph of Apollonios son of Herakleodoros 
Carrier: Inset      Material: Marble

Quadrangular tablet made of architectonic fragment. Remains intact.

Gravestone put up by the one brought up from childhood by the deceased
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Lower fragment of the slab with traces of relief with scene of funeral feast and inscription below the relief.

Epitaph in verse of Bassos son of Paterion  
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Lower fragment of the slab remains. There are remains of relief image above the inscription: lower part of male figure in the centre, papyrus rolls on the left, figre of a servant on the right (its bottom part survived).

Gravestone of Pontikos son of Nemerios, of Herakleia 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Limestone

The slab is hewn off below and damaged by dents above. Six-line inscription occupies almost all face side of the slab. Only a part of symbols in the last line survive.

Gravestone of Xanthos 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Limestone

Lower part of the stele remains. General treatment. Boss to fasten it to base below. Rough sculptured image of male figure wearing chiton and cloak in deep niche (lower part up to shoulders survived). One-line inscription carved below the relief, in uneven letters, on the lower edge of the stele.

Gravestone of Soterichos and Koncha 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

The slab remains intact. There is small break below. Minor damages on front side. The relief depicts funeral feast, with four lines of Greek inscription below.

Gravestone of Telamon son of Epiphanes 
Carrier: Tablet      Material: Marble

Gravestone of Seberas son of Lillon  
Carrier: Stele      Material: Limestone

The monument is a gravestone with half-figure of man within rectangular niche, headed with pediment in relief, with acroters and rosette in tympanum. Hewn off below. Three lines of Greek inscription carved below. 

Gravestone of Aristolochos son of Prasi... 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Fragment of marble tablet aimed to be fastened within larger slab of limestone. Relief image of female head in the middle, remains of four-line inscription on the left.

Gravestone of Doulion son of Delphos 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Limestone

Stele decorated with cornice. Lower part of the slab is missing. Two-line inscription carved below the cornice, with relief image of winegrower's knife below it.

Gravestone of a Tauric lady
Carrier: Stele      Material: Marble

Two connectable fragments of stele with partly preserved relief. Top fragment is missing. The field of the relief is limited with two columns with profiled bases. Relief is a traditional image of a married couple, with slaves. Below relief, there is one-line inscription, well-readable. The beginning of the inscription probably was in the upper (not preserved) fragment of the stele.  

Epitaph of Philokrates son of Pharnakion 
Carrier: Stele      Material: Marble

The stele remains intact. Its top part is pediment with rosette int he middle. In the niche, there is a scene of funeral feast: man on the right, he lays on kline, with right hand holding wreath and left holding bowl. On the left, there is a woman sitting, wearing chiton and cloak. She-slave standing behind, wearing tunic, holding wool basket (?). There is mensa in front of the kline, with dishes.    

Gravestone of Herakleon son of Menophon, of Herakleia  
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Rectangular slab, top fragment decorated with pediment in relief with three flat acroters and wreath within typanum.  Five-line inscription below the pediment.

Gravestone of Klados 

 Hyppo...'s dedication to Parthenos
Carrier: Altar      Material: Marmoreal limestone

Right and back sides of the stone are missing. Oval hole in the top plane, used to fasten statue according to the publisher. However, if one takes into account the length of the hole, one has to agree with Ella Solomonik that the monument was rather altar than statue base. the first line of the inscription is cutt off almost entirely.

Delios son of Apollas' dedication to Parthenos 
Carrier: Slab      Material: Sandstone

The slab is preserved enterily. Two circular holes cut into its lower side.

Dedication of altar
Carrier: Altar      Material: Marble

Top fragment of altar survived. Eagle with wreath in beak above profiled cornice. Holes in top plane. Two-line Greek inscription partly preserved on the cornice. The monument suffered of fire.

Correspondence concerning prostitution tax
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

There are five fragments of the monument that survive. Three of them (fragments 1-3, inventory no. 3622) are connectable. Top fragment, left corner and partly right edge of the slab are missing. Fragment 4 (inventory no. 34948) most likely was in the top right area of the slab. Fragment 5 (now missing) allegedly was in the top left area of the monument. Inscription occupies all the srface of the slab. Lacuna in line 3.

 Threaty with Pharnakes II of Pontos
Carrier: Slab      Material: Marble

Lower fragment of the stone survived. Face side is treated careflly.

 Inscription honouring Laodike daughter of Titos Flaouios Apollonios

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