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Gravestone of Soterichos and Koncha 

Carrier: Slab

Material: Marble

Object description: The slab remains intact. There is small break below. Minor damages on front side. The relief depicts funeral feast, with four lines of Greek inscription below.
Finding site: Tauric Chersonesos

Finding conditions: Discovered in 1907 near Karantinnaya bay, in the wall of a Byzantine house. Excavated by Karl Kostsyushkov-Valyuzhinich (АNPTC archive, file 16, squeeze 312; file 36, page 5, no. 312)

Keeping place: NPTC

Inventory number: 3637a

Sizes (cm): 38/27/10

Chronology: Second century AD

PTM Image of the object
PTMs (Polynomial Texture Maps) dynamically display the way light illuminates objects.

The information present in PTM images enables the PTM viewer to display the image using lighting models similar to those employed to illuminate virtual 3D-objects.

These models allow different properties of the illumination experience such as light direction, color, reflectivity, and the sharpness of highlights to be displayed together or separately.

The models also permit mathematical enhancement of illumination properties which can disclose surface characteristics impossible to capture with the naked eye or standard photography.

Viewer allows you to display PTMs using your Java-enabled web browser.

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