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Dear lovers of antiquities, who are deep in the past, and equally esteemed admirers of high technologies, who looks into the future!

Let us introduce you the web site which may unite you all. It is created here as a virtual lapidarium keeping inscriptions on stones. The most advanced technologies have been applied to create the most reliable digital images of archaeological finds from Chersonesos. Besides that, this site is a scholarly catalogue, which, as the participants of the project hope, will be constantly under replenishment and enlargement, with the goal to accumulate all inscriptions, known to science, that have been discovered during the excavation of this ancient city and its environs.

This joint project of the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Texas in Austin, and a team of Californian experts united in non-profitable corporation of Cultural Heritage Imaging is aimed at the most complete representation of cultural heritage monuments in the global web for the needs of scientific and educational development.

In our web site, you can find ‘digital casts’ of Chersonesos inscriptions, as well as description of technologies and methods applied, information of the project participants, and certain advices how to view the images.

The team of the project is highly appreciated to you for your visiting the lapidarium of Chersonesos. We look forward to receive commentaries and remarks from you. For mailing address, please see Contacts page.

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