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Gravestone of Xanthos 

Carrier: Stele

Material: Limestone

Object description: Lower part of the stele remains. General treatment. Boss to fasten it to base below. Rough sculptured image of male figure wearing chiton and cloak in deep niche (lower part up to shoulders survived). One-line inscription carved below the relief, in uneven letters, on the lower edge of the stele.
Finding site: Tauric Chersonesos ?

Finding conditions: Data of the origin of the monment are missing.

Keeping place: NPTC

Inventory number: 4584

Sizes (cm): [21.5]/14/11

Letter height (cm): 1

Chronology: First or second century AD

Matirial author: Igor' Makarov

PTM Image of the object
PTMs (Polynomial Texture Maps) dynamically display the way light illuminates objects.

The information present in PTM images enables the PTM viewer to display the image using lighting models similar to those employed to illuminate virtual 3D-objects.

These models allow different properties of the illumination experience such as light direction, color, reflectivity, and the sharpness of highlights to be displayed together or separately.

The models also permit mathematical enhancement of illumination properties which can disclose surface characteristics impossible to capture with the naked eye or standard photography.

Viewer allows you to display PTMs using your Java-enabled web browser.

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